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Have your candle and light it too!


I have this ritual of lighting candles. I call it my “candle therapy”! Going around the house lighting candles gives me a chance to think of my loved ones, universe and all within it. It’s a chance to count my blessings and remember all who left us, giving me such a sense of gratitude, peace and it grounds me. In wintertime, the little sparkle of candles all over brings such joy to my heart and warms up the whole place.

With that said, you know I always have to have an endless supply of candles around. I mainly keep my candles, lighters and such inside baskets on a shelf all together in the living room. Quickly the tea light candles were overflowing so I start using some of my large candle holders, vases and decorative jars in each room to store tea light candles. This allowed me to keep them handy, add extra storage and plus I got use out of those decorative items. I also realized the loose wax from tea light candles shakes off better into a jar then I can wash the jar out every month or so instead of having the mess all over the place.

Below are some samples of jars I use as storage.


The storage solution above is an example of reused, recycled and green DIY organizing. I reused a candle jar for the base and already had a candle holder that fit the top perfectly so it keeps the candles dust free too. I keep this one in the bathroom filled with scented tea light candles.


 The container above was a display candle holder that I got from Pier 1. I tried few decorative pieces inside it but it never looked good. Now it serves perfectly as candle storage! It also holds extra candle holders on the top. Since I have many of them it’s a win-win jar for my candles.

May you always find light in the darkest of nights!


 Bahar Partow


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