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Smart Tips for Orderly Eating on the Go

Grab-and-Go Breakfast To make sure you get everything you need from the most important meal of the day, check out these helpful tips: 1.     Choose a variety of fruits, bars and shakes that can transport easily. If you’re running late in the morning, these handheld options make it easy to take breakfast on…

Make Your Own Packaging

Sometimes it is best to use containers to store dry goods because it helps to maximize space. You can always use a label maker to mark the containers. But here is another fast and easy way. Cut off the name, expiration date, directions or any other information you need from the package and store it…

Drink it up!

  Now that you have used plastic bins and clear Tupperware to store all of your dairy and meat products, you are left with all the jars, condiments, and beverages to store in your fridge. Most of the time these are also the products that cause lots of mess since they can roll around, tilt…

Pantry Shelves

Store the items you use least often out of reach. Oftentimes that will mean putting those things on the top shelf and more frequently used items at eye level or below.

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