Mission 2 Organize

Mrs. Cochrane~ We salute you for inventing the dishwasher!



What year do you think the dishwasher was invented? To my surprise, I found out today that the first working dishwasher was invented in 1887 and (not shocking to me) by a woman named Josephine Cochrane.

” Mrs. Cochrane was a rich woman who held many fancy dinner parties. She did not do any of the dishes herself because she had servants to do that for her, but she wanted a machine that could do the job faster without chipping any dishes. No one had invented such a machine so she built one herself.” 

Now I know to whom I owe all my gratitude to when I wake up the next day after hosting a party and all of the dishes are sparkly clean, done while I was sleeping. But until the day a robot is invented that will load and unload the dishwasher, I have one trick to share with you. Organize the dishes as you load the dishwasher so when it comes time to unload, putting the dishes away will be a snap. Now which one of us is going to follow Mrs. Cochrane’s path and invent the robot for loading and unloading the dishes since no one has invented that for us yet?!


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