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3 Considerations for Practical Jewelry Organization


Jewelry is the perfect accent that can make or break any outfit. It has the power to add just the right amount of character you need in order to feel confident as you start your day. However, without a practical organizing solution, you may find yourself going without any jewelry at all more often than not. 

Make practical choices when it comes to deciding where and how to store your jewelry. This will not only affect how frequently you wear your gems but how easy it is to access them. Choose options that provide plenty of space for your entire collection, lend themselves to the type of pieces you have and are stationed near your dressing location. Stay tuned as we explore each of these considerations and give you some brilliant organizing insights!

#1: Provide Plenty of Space for Your Entire Collection

You may think you are going overboard by dedicating an entire wall or piece of furniture to your jewelry . You probably aren’t. If you have the free space, use it! When you’re deciding which pieces to wear, you won’t want to visit several different stations around your bedroom or dressing area for different jewelry elements. Open yourself to the possibility of devoting more space than you initially anticipated so that you can create a one-stop jewelry shop. 

Categorize each type of jewelry you have: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, body jewelry, etc. Place each category together in one space. This will help you keep track of sets, put things away more easily and save time when getting ready. It will also prevent your earrings from getting tangled with your necklaces or necklaces from getting wrapped around bracelets.

#2: Consider What Pieces You Have

Now that you know which space is best for collecting your jewelry, consider which items you have in your collection. What do you wear and have the most of? Rings? Necklaces? Earrings? Whatever it may be, take that into account as you choose a jewelry solution. For example, a jewelry box with lots of small cubbies is great for storing rings and earrings but terrible if you have a large number of bulky necklaces.

  • NECKLACES: Necklaces should be hung to keep them tangle-free. Consider any organizer with hooks as the best solution. If you only have a few short necklaces, mannequin dress stands are a good option.
  • BRACELETS: Structured bracelets like bangles require less separation and are fine placed side by side like a filing system in a drawer or on a bracelet stand. Bracelets that tangle more easily should be treated like necklaces and hung or kept in their own cubby.
  • RINGS: When organizing rings you mostly want to think about visibility. They won’t tangle but you do want to be able to choose one easily.
  • EARRINGS: The biggest consideration for earrings is keeping them paired. Compartments of a jewelry box or tray work well for earrings with backs. Mesh earring holders are perfectly easy for storing hook earrings. 

Consider these factors when deciding which storage option will work best for your collection. For a more visual walk through on these specific kinds of solutions checkout this M2O-TV video, How 2 Organize Your Jewelry!

#3: Set Up a Station Near Where You Get Dressed

Where do you get dressed or complete the final touches of your outfit? Whether it is in your closet, bedroom, or dressing room, look for a large free space near a mirror or in a place where you can add one. You want to be able to take in your entire outfit and accessorize right then and there. Look for free walls, unused space behind a door, shallow dresser drawers or counters that can be reclaimed for your jewelry.

If you are struggling to find such a place, you may need to declutter and tighten up the organization systems in other areas first. For example, removing clutter that ought not to be on the top of your dresser (like paperwork or kitchen items) will free up that space to be set up as a jewelry station.

In all three considerations, think about what is realistic for you and your habits. The more honest you are with yourself about what will work for you, the better the solution will serve you. After you set up your fabulous new jewelry area, you may find that you need some help with maintenance. Read more about how to create mini drop stations in our blog post Organizing Simplified – Jewelry.

We love talking about jewelry solutions and hearing your suggestions. Comment below to let us know how you do it. Keep up to date on lots more tips and tricks by checking out these fab M2O resources! 

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