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10 Organizing Essentials for College

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It’s back-to-school time! Soon there’ll be a rush to stock up on the supplies students in elementary, middle, or high school will need – crayons, papers, and pens to name a few. 

But what if your young adult is heading off to college this fall? 

Since no two kids are exactly alike in what they’ll want or need at their new home away from home, colleges don’t normally provide a checklist of what students should consider bringing with them. So how are parents supposed to know which products are best for university living? 

No need to worry … Mission 2 Organize has you covered!

There are plenty of things your student will need to live in a dorm room or apartment for the next four years, but there are a few essentials you’ll want to make sure he or she has, not just to survive but to stay organized as well!

Below you’ll find our top 10 organizing essentials for college, a collection of our favorite products that will make your student’s new home more comfortable and orderly.

  1. Command hooks. Whether your child wants to hang up their favorite poster, jacket, jewelry, or string of lights, Command hooks can get the job done. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, designs, and functions, they stick to just about any surface and won’t leave any damage when it’s time to move out.

BONUS: Want to know all the ways you can use Command hooks? Check out our video where we share detailed ways you can use Command hooks to spark your creativity and boost your organizing savvy!

  1. Bath/Shower caddy.  Whether your student has to walk down the hall to take a shower or the bathroom is just a few steps away from his/her bed, a caddy can be an excellent tool to keep their bathing necessities organized, portable, and within reach. When they wake up at the crack of dawn for the first class of the day, they will thank you for giving them a way to transport all of these items without having to think about it too hard!
  1. Bed caddy. Kids are notorious for studying in bed, so why not give them a place to store their pens, laptops, and of course, their phone? With room for remotes, headphones, and more, bed caddies are not only functional but they are a fun way to create order without anyone noticing. We love this bed caddy because it is positively reviewed for its sturdiness and we all know how hard kids can be on their things. If your student is a creative type, choose this bed caddy which comes in 6 different patterns/colors.

  1. Cube organizers. It’s no secret that space is a precious commodity in dorm rooms and starter apartments; that’s why we recommend cube organizers as a college must-have. Not only do the cubbies provide extra storage for clothes, supplies, and food, it can double as a nightstand for your student’s bedside needs. We just LOVE multi-functional furniture for cramped quarters!

  1. Bed risers. Looking for additional storage space to stow away your child’s items? Why not utilize the area under their dorm bed? With bed risers, your child can hide bins and boxes there but still have easy access to everything. It’s a win-win all around!
  1. Over-the-door shoe organizer. Take advantage of vertical space behind your student’s entry or closet door by adding an over-the-door shoe organizer. You know your child best and if they are a visual person, you may want to opt for a clear organizer. No matter if they decide to store shoes, electronics, scarves, or office supplies there, this simple product can increase their storage space and keep things neat and tidy.

BONUS: Unsure of how to best use an over-the-door shoe organizer? Watch our M2O-TV video where we share a variety of tips and ideas on the different ways to use this awesome organizing product!

  1. Slimline hangers. Let’s be honest –  just like the rooms themselves, dorm closets are small. Tiny, even. So how do you fit all your soon-to-be college graduate’s clothes into one? By utilizing slimline hangers! These versatile hangers magically allow you to fit more clothes on a rod than ordinary hangers. Refreshingly you’ll find that the technology keeps clothes from slipping off and onto the closet floor making a frustrating mess. Plus they can hold up to 10 pounds of weight.

  1. Wall calendar. College life is busy. Between classes, labs, study groups and sports, it can be hard to manage it all. A great way for your student to keep on top of a hectic schedule is with a dry erase wall calendar. While this tool will help your child stay organized and on track, we can’t promise it will remind him or her to call home – sorry!

  1. Bins, bins, and more bins. We love bins – any shape, size or color – and believe that the more items you can store in them, the better off your child will be. Whether it’s an open container, a lidded bin or a decorative box, your child will find things easier when the bins are organized…and labeled!

  1. Noise-canceling headphones. Without mom or dad around to help a student stay focused on schoolwork, distractions can make studying difficult. That’s why we recommend these noise-canceling headphones, which can limit outside noises and allow your student to concentrate on the important things … like books and study notes!

While this list is just a sample of some of the great organizing products your student could use away from home, we believe they will be the most beneficial to them. It can be tricky knowing what you need to purchase to make your child’s college experience the best it can be. Hopefully, these ideas will help you start game-planning side-by-side with your child, writing a shopping list, and inspiring you both as you step into a new season of life with your child. 

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