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The Ultimate Guide to Find the Perfect Gift Wrapping Organizer

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Gift wrapping is an art, and like any art form, it requires the right tools and a well-organized workspace. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a wrapping novice, having the perfect gift wrapping organizer for all your supplies can make all the difference.


But with so many options to organize your gift wrapping, how do you know which one is right for you?


As always, M2O is here to help! We’ve done all the research for you and curated some of the best organizing ideas for your wrapping supply needs. No matter your budget or your space allowance, we’re certain one of these organizers will be the right fit for you.


Gift Wrap Organizers You’ll Love


Over the Door Ideas

If you’re short on space, then taking advantage of vertical door space to store your supplies may be exactly what you need.


·  ProPik Hanging Double-Sided Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer – With 10 unique storage compartments, you’ll never be short of storage options! This organizer is perfect for holding wrapping paper, bags, tape, scissors, and more tools—all essential to wrapping those special gifts.


·  Elfa Utility Mesh Gift Packaging Over the Door Rack – This over-the-door rack provides a bit more stability for your supplies. With sturdy and completely customizable baskets, they can be reconfigured, repositioned, or removed. Easy to assemble, fill, and forget!


Under the Bed


If you prefer to store your gift-wrapping supplies in less visible spots, then you might want to consider an organizer that you can roll under the bed or place high up in a closet:


·  Container Store Customized Gift Wrap Center – We give this storage container high scores for being clear (so it’s easy to see what’s inside) and customizable! It offers space for several rolls of gift wrap and individual boxes for ribbons, bows, tags, tape, and more. Snap on the secure lid, and your supplies are safe and sound!


·  Hearth & Harbor Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer Container – An Amazon Best Seller, this organizer is the top of the line in storage systems! Not only does it hold 40” rolls of gift wrap, but it also comes with a removable ribbon dispenser box (no more tangled ribbon). An additional flap with 4 pockets and supply slots plus an extra-large mesh pocket to hold oversized accessories make this a must-have product. Add in sturdy handles and straps to secure your supplies, and you’ll want to wrap gifts every day!


On the Move


Need to move around the house to find a suitable spot to wrap it all up? No worries! Here are a few caddies and carts that you can easily roll around with:


·  Giantex Storage Cart – With a total of 3 spacious drawers and 3 open shelves, this storage cart is perfect for organizing and storing your gift wrapping supplies on the move.  Featuring 3 slotted compartments, it conveniently stores 30” rolls. As a bonus, it is equipped with two rolling rods for dispensing ribbons, ties, twine, or any other items that come on a spool. And with locking wheels, your supplies will never get away from you!


·  Elfa Gift Wrap Cart – This gift wrap cart is the pinnacle of mobile gift packaging organizers! It includes three small mesh drawers and two medium mesh drawers (which keep items visible and easily accessible). On top of all that, it has a ribbon dispenser, gift wrap organizer, and accessory basket clipped to the exterior. It’s the organizer you didn’t know you needed but would love to have!


Whether you have a limited amount of space or a plethora of rooms, a gift-wrapping organizer is a game-changer. Make it easier and more enjoyable to wrap up your presents. With these fantastic products, you can kiss gift wrapping chaos goodbye and say hello to order and function!


Which of these gift-wrapping organizers would be the best choice for you?


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