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The Gift of Giving




It’s not the size or cost that counts, it’s the meaning behind the gift that matters. Times are tough for many across our nation. Put some extra thought into gift giving this holiday season. You may want to include additional names to gift or card lists or avoid commercial products and make your own gifts!

If you don’t make your own gifts, search for something unique or meaningful. Give to sweeten the lives of loved ones or anyone that crosses your mind! Here are a few suggestions:

Simple Treasures

  • • Make a basket of warm baked goods: cookies, bars, or breads.
  • •  A little chocolate goes a long way.
  • •  Find an inspiring book for coffee tables or night stands.
  • •  Hand write a card or post card (e-mail or e-card, too).
  • •  Frame a special picture.
  • •  Donate to a charity, nonprofit, or cause.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

  • • The gift of time is precious. Spend time with someone in need of a little TLC or someone you don’t see often.
  • • It’s been a while. Call a long distance friend or loved one.
  • • ‘Tis the season to burry the hatchet and make amends.
  • • Positive words are powerful. Let them know you care.

The act of giving, no matter what you give, can leave a lasting impression on the heart of another. If you think of someone, act upon it! The holiday’s initiate an inner glow. Spread cheer and joy this season.



By: Lindsey Kunz


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