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6 Spring Organizing Tips from M2O



For some of us, Spring Cleaning is more theory than action.
When spring comes around, you know you should do it, but where do you start?

The following 6 tips can be used throughout your home. Think about using these
concepts to de-clutter and organize your closets, your cabinets, or any room of the house.

1. Donate – Designate a big, empty box for donations. Fill it up with things you have outgrown, items that are damaged, and things you just don’t really like anymore. There are many worthy charities that can put your unwanted items to good use!
2. Use Containers – Go out and get yourself some sturdy boxes, bins, and baskets. Clear plastic boxes are a great option because you don’t even have to open the box to know what is inside! Each individual container should contain similar items.
3. Label – Clearly label shelves, boxes, and bins so everyone knows where things belong going forward. Use a label maker or pre-cut adhesive labels and a marker. This step makes STAYING organized so much easier.
4. Utilize Vertical Space – Take advantage of all of your vertical space by stacking boxes and adding shelves. Store items you only use infrequently up high.
5. Use Wall Space – Add hooks and shelves to your walls. By doing this, you may even be able to get rid of some of your bulky furniture. The options here are endless, so think about the items you have and use a solution that makes sense.
6. Use Back of Door – If you are able, utilize the space on the back of your doors. There are so many great tools out there that help you make the most of this precious space. Get creative and use hanging shoe pockets for your accessories or tools!

Once you have cleared the clutter, the tasks of dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming become much more manageable. At this point, you could even hire a professional cleaning service to do the rest! If the idea of using these steps seems overwhelming to you, Mission 2 Organize can spring into action in YOUR home. You get the expertise of a team of TWO professional organizers for one low price.

Written by Schae Lewis, Co-founder, Mission 2 Organize LLC
Published in the Monday Morning Jolt.

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