Mission 2 Organize

Some Like It Spicy!!!!



Spices and herbs are a large part of most peoples kitchen inventory. So it’s natural that without a system to contain and maintain this inventory, very soon there will be chaos.

Gather all your spices, go through all of them, and get rid off the old ones . You can test them by crushing them between your fingers and if they still have strong aroma, they are most likely still fresh.

The best place to store your spices is in a dark, cool place. There are many ways to store your spices from stackable systems to in-drawer spice rack systems. Look around and pick an option that will work the best for you with the goal to open up more space in your kitchen. For example, if you have a pantry door that you can hang stuff on, store your spaces in a vertical hanging door spice rack. If you have the room to store them in your cabinet, you can use these shelves so you can see all of them.

Make sure to label all your spices so you can find them easy. Sort them in alphabetical order or by use. When you use them make sure to put them back in the space designed for them so you will be able to find them fast and easy each time.

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