Mission 2 Organize

Organize one step at a time: Penny jar



Surely coins can be one of the top five reasons for clutter in most homes. They find their way into bedrooms, sofas, side tables, junk drawers, and onto the laundry room floor. Really, any space you can imagine, a coin will find its way there.


One of the easy ways to keep your place organized is to contain items that are all over the place.  Assign a mason  jar, vase, piggy bank, decorative box, bowl or any other creative container to keep coins in one spot in the house. Choose the size of container based on the amount of coins you collect. Every time you find coins in your pocket (or in any other place) make it a point to drop them in this designated location.


Is it too much to ask to walk to the penny jar?  Then place one container in each key area of the house such as the bedroom, laundry room or near the entrance.  Collect the coins every once in a while and take them to the bank. We bet you get a huge smile on your face when you  turn the coins to solid bills!


Once you have chosen the container, start collecting coins from around the house. Are you going to the kitchen to get a cup of tea and you happen to see a stash of coins on the coffee table? Grab them and simply drop them in the jar.


In no time, not only will you realize the house is very de-cluttered, but also on the next laundry day or rainy day, you will find an emergency fund just at the tip of your fingers.  Encourage yourself or your kids by naming the jar, “ Ice Cream Fund”, “ Dance Lesson Tuition” or anything that tickles your fancy.


After all, we’ve all heard the saying: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”- Benjamin Franklin.

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