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Park and Store



Since the early 20th century, garages were built to store and maintain vehicles. Over time, garages became a significant part of the house; a place for homeowners to store household items. All this extra stuff can accumulate into an unorganized mess. How can a garage become a functional space that holds multiple belongings?

With a little TLC, a cluttered garage will be trendy and tidy. If items are strategically placed, you will know exactly where to find what you need when you need it. The best way to keep a tidy garage is to create sections for each group of items. Your garage will be a functional space for both storage and use. If you’re unsure of clever ways to organise your garage, you can find some fantastic ideas here.

Start by sorting through and separating items in your garage. Place automotive, gardening, tools, sports, and items for storage into groups. Finalize this process by creating sections for each category. Once you assign location(s) for each section, set up a storage system to your liking. Here are a few suggestions.




Install a shelving unit alongside the wall of your parked vehicle for convenient access to supplies. Place antifreeze and other vehicle supplies in bins and store on shelves.





Hang rakes and shovels on wall racks or store in a box that has several compartments. Place smaller items, like dirt, seeds, or small tools, in bins on shelves.





Focus on storing tools versus displaying tools. Cabinets , boxes or drawers are the best option for storing power tools and regular hand-held tools.





There are several styles of wall racks with hooks to hold equipment like bikes, rackets, or skis. Store other sport related items such as balls, spikes, gloves, or mitts in triple bin storage or bins on shelves.





Store seasonal items, unused furniture, or holiday décor out of reach: utilize a loft space, install ceiling shelves, or store items in containers on shelves close to the ceiling.




Remember that simple storage solutions are easy to maintain. If you are on a budget, use old or unused furniture as storage units. Freestanding shelves are versatile and easy to move. Plastic containers with covers are best for storing items that are not used frequently, protecting items from possible damage. Use colored containers to store holiday décor or to color code your organization. Items placed in bins are visible and easy to access. Always label containers, bins, shelves, or any storage piece. Add a finishing touch and apply a coat of paint to garage walls and/or floors. Your garage will be a clean, fresh space!


Once the transformation is complete avoid treating the garage as a dumping zone. Commit to and maintain each section’s organizational protocol. The key to having an organized space is to remain organized. Don’t let any item enter without a storage plan.


By: Lindsey J. Kunz

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