Mission 2 Organize

Stylish Vision Board


The most common New Year’s resolutions that I have heard this year is the goal of making a “Vision Board“. I personally haven’t made a vision board yet, but I am a big fan of  “Memo Board”. When I was a teenager I had an entire wall in my room as a Memo board. It was covered with memories from pictures to notes from friends and so on.

Every time my friends stepped in to my room even if they were there yesterday, they would stay in front of the board and look for new pictures or notes that I added to the board. It was always a trip down memory lane as they would see old pictures.

I had this rule that every piece that goes on the board, never comes down. To me, what I was collecting was pieces of my life; mistakes, failures, and happy moments. It did not make sense to remove any of it, as it was a part of me!!! Soon enough I found that the trick was to cover up some of the past. And that was exactly what I did. I didn’t remove anything, only covered them with new memories.

I still have the habit of having a memo board in my apartment. It’s not as big as the entire wall but still, it’s a memo board. It helps me keep the loose notes, interesting postcards, or pictures all in one place and organized. It also brings a smile to my face every so often when I look at it and see a glimpse of happy moments I have lived. I also found it very helpful for keeping my photo booth pictures safe ,organized, and on display.

So whatever your reason for putting up a board in your room ( a look at your past, visions for your future, or to keep your to-do list and chores on display),  hereare some easy ways to dress up those boards. Choose one that works with your unique style and turn those boards into a decorative piece. There is only one last piece of important advice: like everything else, you have to maintain and organize your board on a regular basis. Don’t use them as another space to clutter up with unnecessary loose papers. As much as they can be useful, an overloaded memo board can just be an eyesore.


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