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Organizing Survival Guide



Sometimes a home may look orderly from the outside. But once the closets, drawers and other spaces that are covered by a door or cabinet are revealed, the disorganization is apparent. Here are a few tips to make those hidden places more manageable and organized.


  • Everything has a home. Just because a space is empty does not mean you should stick items wherever. Items with a relative purpose should always have their home together. Keep it in the family so to speak. This goes especially for the kitchen and bathroom. This will ensure that you will always know where items are kept, and prevent yourself from losing them. Life just flows in a more desirable way.


  • Repurpose. You know those empty jars and containers you always meant to reuse? Well, here is your chance. They are perfect for containing loose items such as rubber bands, clips, cotton balls. Any little thing you may have an abundance of, the options are limitless.


  • When doing an overhaul or organizing revamp in my experience, what works best is to take everything out, put them into appropriate piles (like items, items to keep, items to throw out, donate, etc) Now you are able to put items away in a organized fashion. Everything goes into its “home”. This step can get a bit overwhelming, but if you keep your head in the game, there is always a light at the end of the cluttered tunnel, and it’s so worth it

Having an organized home can enrich your life in a lot of ways. From being able to leave the house in a much less stressed out way, to needing something and not having to tear the house apart more than it already is to find it.


Written by Tera Murray
Mission 2 Organize Intern
Tera Murray has an extensive background in the the Culinary Arts. She brings with her that same strong work ethic that she perfected in the kitchen. With experience in luxury hotels, Tera possess a strong dedication to gracious hospitality. We are delighted to have her as a Mission 2 Organize intern!

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