Mission 2 Organize

Happy Tails


Fido is grunting and foamy bubbles are spewing from his mouth. Your afternoon Frappuccino drink is lodged between slobber and gums. Yes, the dog ate your coffee beverage and neglected to ask if you wanted seconds. He lurks for goodies with bulging eyes and a slick tongue. He struts to the bathroom for fresh toilet water and makes his way to the couch. Beyond the slobber, deep into those eyes, you see a little creature longing for some TLC. Not all pets are as self-sufficient as Snoopy. Their needs require a little routine maintenance and attention. Pet parents can end coffee theft tendencies by adding structure to pet lifestyles. Pets usually take the initiative to find and nest in a cozy area of the house.

  • As they search for a place to settle, designate the selected area to them. This is a good spot to store beds, toys, or other sources of entertainment (aside from the Manolo’s).
  • Toys fit nicely in cubbies with removable baskets, fabric cubes, or colored plastic bins. Be mindful to throw away dirty, chewed up toys.
  • Medications, brushes, and apparel should be kept out of your pets reach. In a drawer or a basket on a shelf out of reach.
  • Hang leashes and (extra) collars on hooks in closets or on the front door coat rack.
  • Food items will retain its freshness in air tight containers. Put water and food dishes into the dishwasher, or wash with hot, soapy water at least once a week.
  • Play with pets daily. Maintain a schedule for walking, eating, and potty breaks.When a schedule is established, pets will respond to your promptings instead of pawing at your nerves.

An organized owner will own, and love, a disciplined pet. O your pet to ease your mind.

Have a Howlin’ Halloween!

By: Lindsey Kunz

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