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Organizing Your Hair Accessories Is As Easy As 1,2,3


For most of my life I have had short hair. So I never felt the need for a system for organizing my hair accessories. But as my hair grew out, my collection of hair accessories grew and I realized an organized system for all my hair accessories was a must.

Although my long hair phase faded quickly, the hair accessories stayed. Luckily it is a small collection compared to most women. Schae usually has long hair so I also asked her to send me pictures of how she keeps her stuff organized too. You can see in the pictures below how we both do it.

No matter the size of your collection, the principle is the same. You need to gather all of your hair accessories, sort them and then contain them. Try to store them in one spot for easy access and use.


1) Headbands:


Use a vase, basket or hooks to organize your headbands. Round medium-sized flower vases with glass beads at the bottom are perfect for corralling your headbands. If you have a big collection, you can use stackable baskets or create a section on your wall with hooks. To avoid putting holes in the wall, pegboard works best. This way, the hooks attach to the pegboard and not directly to the wall.





2) Bobby Pins & Ponytail Holders:


You can use a (free!) toilet paper tube to keep these collections organized. Small boxes are also good for containing these items. Don’t have a decorative box? Use any kind of mint can, chocolate tin or small glass jar like a small candle holder. You can even use a mini Altoid tin or an empty Tic Tac box to tote around a few bobby pins in your purse.




3) Barrettes & Hair Clips:

You can also use a small roll up organizer with pockets to store most any item. These organizers usually have a hanger so it can be hung on your bathroom wall or behind a door. It can also be packed up in a minute for a trip out of town. In the picture below, you will see Schae stores her barrettes, hair ties and clips in a roll up organizer.  This allows her to keep the decorative accessories separate from the simple ones using the individual sections.




Our hair accessory guidance won’t end here. There are still hair products, blow dryers, brushes and so much more which we will talk about later in different posts. This is a good place to start getting your hair accessories under control.  Get going with this project and get organized!




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