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On The Road, Again!



Tis the season to take off in the car and head out of town. Spending time on the road is a major part of the journey. How one perceives the impending drive can either make or break anticipation for the destination.

To ensure a pleasant experience, frame your mind to relax and unwind before the arrival. Driving not only guides you to a new scene, the experience itself can become an oasis of optimism. Before taking off consider these tips for a stress-free journey.

Packing can be tedious and cause one to contemplate lots of probable outcomes. Pack with the mindset of simplicity; pack items that meet all your basic needs. Bring a modest amount of beauty products, just enough to cover the basics. Choose travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and other toiletries. These are often used on vacation, and because they will not need to be packed for the ride home, it frees up space in suitcases for souvenirs. Bring along a few outfits fit for the itinerary such as casual, recreational, or dining. Consider clothes and shoes that can be interchanged with each outfit.

If food and drinks are a must, pack just enough for the duration of the trip. Avoid buying large quantities of food that will not be used or that will go to waste. One bottle for each desired beverage should be enough to entertain trippers.

As for travel necessities, throw in a few special items for the road. Treat yourself to a box of dark chocolate truffles or special editions of magazines that are not found in your home on a daily basis. Indulging in something that has been wadding the back of every thought will free up some mental space.

When packing the car remember to compartmentalize items so it is easy to find what you are looking for when the time comes. For example put all items that are not needed during the trip in the trunk.

Now get the car started and kick of the sandals. Turn up the music of your choice and sing along to your destination. After all it’s as much about journey as the destination.

By: Lindsey Kunz

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