Mission 2 Organize

More counter space please!


As this month has gone on, we have talked about most every kitchen organizing project. We tackled cookware, bakeware, food supply, the refrigerator, utensils, glassware, fabric and the list goes on. What we haven’t talked about yet are all of those small to medium sized appliances that are sitting on your counter or high up in your pantry still waiting for the day you finally dust them off and use them. Remeber, if you have valuable appliances in your home, you need to read this home warranty information.

How you organize your appliances is totally based on your daily diet and habits. If you are a caffeine freak, you will need your coffee maker handy every morning. And unless you use things like your slow cooker everyday, it’s the best to store them away and not on the counter.

If you have a small kitchen, buy multi-purpose appliances. Get a blender that can also work as a food processor. Do some research on blenders and read their reviews to make sure you’re buying the perfect product for you. If you have a steamer that you can cook rice in, there is no need to have a rice cooker as well. This way you cut down on your inventory and double your space.

Gather all of your appliances and group them together by use. Only keep what you really use. Whatever you have that hasn’t been used in ages or is broken can be sold or donated. It will give you more room in your kitchen and will also benefit someone who can actually use it!

Frequently used appliances should be stored on your counter top or on a lower than eye-level shelf in your pantry or kitchen cabinet. Pull-out shelves are the perfect solution for storing these items in deep cabinets.

Rarely used items can be stored on a shelf in your basement, pantry, garage or on the top shelf of your top kitchen cabinet. Be sure to use a sturdy step stool for storing and retrieving these items on your top shelves.

If your appliances have smaller parts, gather them inside drawer organizers and then store the organizers in a drawer near the appliance. For storing them in your kitchen cabinet or a pantry shelf, use plastic baggies to group them. You can also use baskets or containers to keep them organized in one place.

It’s a smart idea to wrap up the individual cords. Use a twist tie, rubber band or knot to wrap the cord before storing your appliance away.

We suggest ditching your appliances manuals and using the online version of them. If you want to keep them, however, store them in your home office. Keep them in a file labeled “Manuals” and put them in alphabetical in your filing cabinet.

We all know the special taste of food that is made with love and prepared with care. No one said that love has to be hard labor. Let the appliances do all of the hard work of chopping and blending. You’ll keep them handy for daily use and you’ll end up getting into the soul of cooking!

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