Mission 2 Organize

How We Do It: Rings!


The most common question we get from our clients and people who hear about our business is, “So is your place organized to the tee?”  In their imaginations, I am sure they see our places as a shrine to The Container Store with everything organized, color-coded and labeled.

We always tell them that’s not the case. The “busy life” catches up with us too. There are days we don’t feel as organized ourselves. But I think for most part our houses look and stay organized because we have a system in place for everything. We know how important it is to keep everything in it’s place and we do our best to keep up with the systems we’ve created.

Also as much as we would love to have all the organizing products out there, we also love to re-use and get creative. We try to organize with what we have on hand and, yes, we do have many containers, boxes, hooks and empty candle jars around that we always use to keep the place clutter-free.

So in honor of all of you that wonder how our places look and in the hope that we inspire you to get organized, we are opening the door to our houses for you. From now on, we will occasionally write posts on “How We Do It”!

The different ways that we organize things in our homes is proof that there can be many solutions to any one organizing project based on many facts. But the concept is always the same following the three golden rules of organizing;  Gather, Group and Contain!  So with no further adieu… here is how we organize rings.

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