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How 2 Meaningfully Connect with Your Coworkers


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Whether big or small, working for a company has many benefits. But it also has its challenges, too. The foremost being, learning to connect and get along with the people who are part of your team.

There are different personalities that have to be balanced, opposing work styles that need to be blended and proper procedures and protocol that should be adhered to. It’s quite the juggling act!

But just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

With a little bit of effort and innovation, being part of a team can be the best job perk you have!

How 2 Meaningfully Connect with Your Coworkers

If you’re struggling to figure out the best ways to connect with your coworkers, here are a few ideas that might help:

1. Take lunch breaks together. Breaking bread is always a good idea if you want to connect with your colleagues. There’s just something about sitting down over food that relaxes people and opens them up to bonding. 

So why not ask one (or more!) of your coworkers to join you for lunch? Whether it’s in the break room, at a local restaurant, or in the great outdoors, having lunch together is a great way to get to know the people you work with and strengthen the bonds between you.

M2O team members, Schae Lewis, CPO® and Maria Mendoza taking a lunch break outdoors

M2O team members, Schae Lewis, CPO® and Maria Mendoza taking a lunch break outdoors

2. Offer to help with their project. If you’ve got the time and the ability, offering to work alongside one of your colleagues on their work project is not only a great way to ensure the company’s success, but it also shows you’re a team player.

At Mission 2 Organize, we believe that 2 are better than 1 because you get a higher return for your work. That same belief rings true wherever you work, too! If you see someone struggling to finish a project, offer to step in and help out in any way you can. Just knowing someone has got their back can make a colleague less stressed and more productive.

Mackenzie Scott, CPO® lending Bahar Partow a hand on her project

3. Show appreciation for their contributions. Gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can give to others and it doesn’t need to be flashy or grandiose to be genuine. A simple, “Thank you” can go a long way in helping someone feel recognized for their efforts.

An encouraging email, handwritten note, special treat or small gift card to their favorite store or restaurant are all fabulous ways of showing appreciation for a job well done.

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4. Be authentically YOU. With so many different personality types in the office, it’s easy to slip into someone you’re not. With the complex make-up of individuals around us, we may try to be or act like someone we’re naturally not in order to make friends or impress bosses.

While that may work in the short-term, in the long term it can be exhausting and ineffective. The best thing you can do is just be YOU. Yes, you may need some quiet time to recharge or need to keep an open door to see what others are up to. There’s nothing wrong with that! When you are authentically YOU, not only will people appreciate and respond to you better, you’ll also be happier and more successful at what you do.

Having fun on the job just being themselves (pictured: Schae Lewis, CPO® and Alex Etherridge)

5. Commute together. In order to get to know people, you need to spend time with them. One way to do this is to commute to work together! 

If you live in a common area with another coworker, you could offer to drive together to save money (and the environment!) as well as have time to chat about personal and professional things along the way. It makes the drive less boring and you have uninterrupted time to turn your colleague into a longtime friend.

Co-Founders, Schae Lewis, CPO® and Bahar Partow taking a ride together in the M2O-mobile!

6. Video chat instead of texting or emailing. Technology has changed the way we communicate with one another and now, more than ever, it’s easier to stay connected with your colleagues.

Team M2O video call

But rather than shoot off a quick text or email, why not have a video chat with your coworkers, instead? Yes, it might be a little more time-consuming but seeing someone face-to-face can boost your relationships and keep communication lines open. Seeing a smile on someone’s face can go a long way and truly make a difference!

7. Plan a social activity for your team. The team that plays together, stays together. While work is what brought you together, it doesn’t mean that your work relationships have to be all work and no play. 

Think of fun social activities you and your coworkers can do outside of work that will allow you to meaningfully connect and foster your relationships. Whether it’s a game of laser tag or happy hour at the restaurant down the street, learning how to joyfully engage with your colleagues outside of the office can have lasting professional benefits.

Team M2O members Schae Lewis, CPO®, Mackenzie Scott, CPO®, and Ana Hurtado enjoying happy hour

There’s no I in TEAM so, if you are part of one, it’s important for you to discover how you can meaningfully connect with those you work with Monday through Friday. While you should always remain professional, building relationships with your coworkers can be fun and fulfilling if you can find the proper ways to do so. When you do, everybody wins!

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Which of these ideas can you use to connect with your coworkers this week?

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