Mission 2 Organize

Fifty Shades of Organizing



We have been organizers for a while now so you know we have seen and organized it all. From fifty shades of gray to fifty shades of red and every color in between. So far, we haven’t came across a skeleton in a closet and we like to keep it that way.

When people ask us to tell them about the most scandalous things we organize, we just can’t think of any because to us, nothing is there for us to judge. We don’t care if you collect matches or vintage china. All we care about is finding ways to organize all the things you own in the best way possible to help you live the most harmonious life possible.

Most adults own a collection of erotic toys, games and DVDs, although many have now thrown out their DVDs and turned to online websites. It’s no surprise we have solutions to organize them. Trust us. We’ve been there, done that. Here are our favorite tips to help you organize your own pleasure collection.

how-to-orgqnize-sex-toys-01First and foremost, you want to create a designated area for all of your adult play time items. Based on the size of your collection, assign a drawer in your nightstand, a chest, a box under the bed or an entire closet. Make sure this area is close to your bed. In this spot, you can keep your toys, batteries, condoms and a clean washcloth for easy cleanup. No matter the size of collection or the items you have, it is really good to have them organized by category in a clean space. You don’t want to run all over the place looking for things in the heat of moment.


A few years back IKEA had this funny ad for organizing solutions. It’s about a kid playing with a vibrator and thinking that it is a toy. If you have kids, avoid ever being caught in such a moment by making sure you have your adult items out of the way and locked up.



You can use dividers, small open containers, boxes and baskets to divide and organize your collection within the place that they are stored. This keeps them from rolling around, getting mixed up or having liquids such as lube leak all over the place. It’s also good idea to line the drawer, box or container with clean liner or paper. Always wash and thoroughly dry your toys after each use and before storing them.

how-to-orgqnize-sex-toys-04Wrap each individual object inside cloth such as a flour sack, tea towel or cloth napkin. This helps to avoid lint from gathering while keeping them separate from each other and protecting each piece. Store glass toys inside a cotton padded pouch to keep it from breaking or getting scratched. Make sure silicone toys can breathe and that they are stored in cool place not touching any other silicone material. Not only for silicone but for all of your toys, it’s best to store them somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.


Designate an area within your pleasure chest to your games and miscellaneous items. You can even store your erotic books or magazines here if you don’t want to have them on display with your other books. If your choice of pleasure requires equipment with key such as handcuffs, make sure you know exactly where the key is before you use it.


Make room by getting rid of old and broken toys. Ridding yourself of all that doesn’t please you or work anymore will clear the way for you to try some new, and exciting toys. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you are lucky, you might have a new toy coming your way that you can store in your organized play chest.


We will continue to find erotic, embarrassing and scandalous things in our client’s homes. Be assured, none of it will rattle our cages. Keep on collecting and proudly embracing your erotic collection. May you always play adventurous and safe games!

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