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Chocolate & Couture: A Night of Glitz & Glam!



A glamorous night of Chocolate and Couture was more than had this past Thursday! A sensation of sophistication defined the atmosphere at Jbar. The crowd mingled and stuck near the bar waiting to catch a delightfully moist cake bite, passing from one plate to another. Others were seated, sipping on wine and popping cake bites one by one. Guests outlined the presence of couture in high heels, sleek dresses, and ties. The DJ stoked the ambiance with a variety of mellow moods and upbeat dance mixes.

As the runway took its form the crowd relaxed in their seats. All eyes were fixed front and center as the leggy, sculpted models pierced the runway. Starlit beauties sported voluptuous swimwear and dresses that maxed out sexy curves. Handsome gentleman showed off a chiseled physique in mod ties and underwear. After the show, the crowd danced and intermixed before heading out with a grab bag!

Everything from the daringly tailored clothing to the lustrous cake bites whispered couture. All topped off with smooth wine and five-start service from the Jbar staff. A tip of the fedora goes to the ladies of Mission 2 Organize and Mixins Chicago for collaborating a night of impeccable glamour, beauty, and sophistication!

Written by Lindsey Kunz

See more pictures of event HERE.

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