Mission 2 Organize

The secret is out of the drawer!


As our August blog contest on the dirty secrets coming out of bedrooms continues, responses are coming in from all over. We feel for you because many of your issues have been our nightmares as well. But no worries; M2O is here to the rescue. We have been organizing and re-organizing many, many bedrooms and their closets. We agree on the fact that dressers can be a little tricky, so this post is for our friend who posted  “I can never keep the dressers drawers looking great. I think too little space and too much stuff! and for all of the dressers in this world that deserve to be un-stuffed and re-organized.  🙂


The core object of organizing is to contain like-minded objects in one place, so you can find and access things easily. Dressers are supposed to do this job and are built to store our belongings in one place. But it’s easier said than done. Inside a dresser, things can get mixed easily. In the rush of the morning, you can drag a shirt from the bottom and drop the ones on the top over on to the next pile. Dressers end up being our hidden boxes where we just open and shove things inside; out of sight, out of mind. But don’t worry, there is a cure for messy dresser symptoms .


First we suggest emptying out all of the drawers. Pile and stack items in another area like the top of your bed. The golden rule of organizing and staying organized is to group like minded objects together. For example put all the socks, underwear, and t-shirts together. These are considered to be the main categories, but you can also break the piles down into sub categories such as short sleeve shirts together, separate from long sleeves. This decision depends on the amount of objects that end up in each pile. The more you separate your piles, the less likely it will get mixed up in the dresser. Now that you have all the items together, take a second look at them. If you have outgrown of any of items or if they are worn out and have seen better days, think of donating these items. Free yourself from the things that don’t serve you any longer, then new things will come.


Before you put your things back in the dresser organized, it’s a good idea to compartmentalize your drawers. There are many solutions available out there that you can use. Dividers and organizers are our favorite option for creating order. These help to section off your drawers, while stabilizing your piles and allowing you to keep those piles separate. Use the dividers and organizers in smaller drawers to store underwear, socks, bras, stockings, swimsuits, and smaller objects.


You can also choose to use baskets, of the same size or in a variety of sizes for bigger or smaller clothing. Baskets work really well for tank tops and shirts, as well as for slippery fabrics like lingerie. For example, if you need a tank top you can remove the whole basket and grab the one you want without messing up the pile too much. Another way to avoid tipping over piles is to store your neatly folded items vertically next to each other instead of flat in top of one another. The picture below is an example of this technique, which has become a real life savor for our clients who have only one small closet to work with. This concept works for use in your drawers and also works on shelves in your closet.



You know we’re are a bit OCD (or maybe more than a bit), so we also like to organize our piles by color. Store all of the same colors together in one pile (ie. reds, blues, purples) and then stack your pile from darker to lighter or reverse. This will prevent you from digging under piles, only to realize that that pink tank top is actually in the laundry basket. If somebody else such as your spouse shares the dresser with you, assign different drawers to each person.


And do not forget we are creatures of habit! Get into the habit of folding, pairing, and putting each item back to the place where it belongs. Using these tips, it will be no time before your dresser won’t be the dirty secret of your bedroom anymore.




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