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At Mission 2 Organize we always are jonesing for organizing. We love the satisfaction that comes from the challenges that we face. By no means do we have one solution to all organizing challenges, as they all are unique, but no matter how stubborn these challenges are, we love to push back and think outside of the box about the box!


Plastic bags are one of those challenges that finds us all still searching for that perfect solution. There are some products that, to some extent, make it easier to store plastic bags, but they are all far away from perfection. The golden key in this matter is more in your organizing skills rather than the product.


Plastic bag holders are a good option to contain your inventory, as long as you stack your bags in groups. Stacking all sizes of plastic bags in one holder is like playing Russian Rouletteor Jackpot. How many bags do you have to pull out to get to the size of bag you are looking for?


Separate your bags based on type and size. For plastic fruit bags and grocery plastic bags assign a plastic bag holder or bag dispenser. Now that they are contained based on the system you have picked, hang them by your brooms or store them inside your cabinet.


Think of something different. You can use any container as long as it works within your space, being easy to reach and the proper size for the amount of the bags you keep.


When it comes to plastic bags, really less is more. We all collect way more plastic bags than we really need. Never let your storage area for these items overflow. As soon as you feel you have too much take the extras out of your kitchen. You can return them to grocery store to recycle. Look into supporting your community. Many businesses such as child daycare or dog care would be happy to have your extra bags.


Try to use reusable grocery bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use. There are some folding totes that you can always carry with you for impulse shopping.


Store the paper bags, gift bags, wrapping papers in your office area with gift-wrap and such. For frequent use, keep a few paper bags and reusable grocery bags inside a big recycle bag or bins. Store them next to the broom or inside the cabinet. Remember the purging rule.


Do you have extra cabinets? Use a small pull-out garbage can to store the paper and recycle bags side-by-side.


Keep us updated on your solution for plastic bags. We will keep you informed if and when we come up with that “dream come true” plastic bag holder here at M2O!


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