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Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day


While you may take the time to clear off your physical desktop, do you ever take time to clear off your virtual desktop?

It’s Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day and here are a few tips to help you make your computer desktop nice and tidy once again:

1. Declutter.
Delete any apps, screenshots, music, videos or documents you no longer need or use. Once you’ve decluttered, don’t forget to take out the trash (empty the trash bin)!!

2. Create folders.
Sort through the items on your desktop that you do need and create a filing structure (putting like items with like) using folders.

3. Use labels and naming systems.
Once you’ve created folders, make sure to label not only the folders but the individual files so they are easy to find. Start with broad categories (ie. Financial) and then add more specific folders within (ie. Chase). Be sure to use a consistent naming protocol (ie. {Year}.{Month}.{Version}).

4. Consider alternative storage options.
If you want to clear some space off your desktop, but don’t want to delete the files, consider other storage options including a cloud service, external hard drive or even a simple flash drive.

5. Maintenance.
Rather than waiting for the yearly #cleanoutyourvirtualdesktop day, set reminders every few weeks or months to take a few minutes to restore order to your desktop.

While it may seem like a tedious task, taking a few minutes to clean up your desktop can help you be more productive and less stressed trying to find things on your computer. And for that, you will be handsomely rewarded!

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