Thanks to the pandemic, we’re living in a virtual world where meeting in person has become less common and holding meetings via the computer screen is the daily norm.

Although it may seem like attending a virtual meeting would be the same as being at one in person, there a few things you need to consider before jumping online with your co-workers or friends.

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Here are 8 ways to run a successful virtual meeting:

  • Schedule the meeting and get a link. Whether you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another platform/app to host your meeting, you still have to do the proper prep work. First you need to set up your meeting on your hosting site by determining the day and time you’d like to have it. Once you have that scheduled, you’ll be provided a link that you can send to all attendees so they can easily access the meeting.
  • Notify attendees in advance. With more companies allowing their employees to work remotely from home, your co-workers will be bombarded with meeting invites, many of which will overlap one another. In order to get the best attendance, notify attendees as far in advance as possible so they can block out the time on their schedule. While not everyone will be able to make it, sharing the meeting details ahead of time will improve your chances for a good showing.
  • Prepare your materials beforehand. Although you may not be able to physically share the agenda or other handouts with your colleagues, it doesn’t mean you can’t have them as part of your presentation. The key is to prepare your materials, such as your PowerPoint or any announcements, early enough so that you can email the slide deck, handouts, or the order of business to attendees beforehand. If you don’t want to provide the materials early, you can always share directly from your computer during the meeting or send a link to a Google document so everyone can have access and follow along with during the call.
  • Determine your meeting agenda. Just as you would for an in-person meeting, you’ll need to determine what the agenda will be for your virtual one. How long will you wait for people to join the call before starting your presentation? Will you take questions live or at the end? How and when will you handle anything that pops up in the chat box that needs to be addressed? By knowing how you’ll handle these issues, you can have a meeting that runs more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Prepare your space. Regardless of where you might be holding your meeting, you’ll want to make sure that your environment is suitable for a meeting. Clear off any cluttered spaces that might be in view of your camera, sit in a position that will give you the best lighting (either sit facing a sunlit window or use a light ring) and make sure to do your best to remove any background noise that might be a distraction while you are on the call (or mute yourself when you aren’t speaking).
  • Choose the right outfit. Although you may be working from home, it doesn’t mean you can show up in your workout clothes or pajamas. Keep your professionalism in tact by wearing clothes that reflect your position at work. You may not need a suit and tie, but a nice collared or button-down shirt or blouse is not only comfortable but maintains a professional standard with your co-workers.
  • Have water on hand. If you are the presenter for your virtual meeting you’ll likely get parched from talking so much. Rather than getting up and leaving to get water, have a glass of water on hand so you can take a sip as needed without having to interrupt the flow of the meeting. If possible, use a straw so others at the meeting don’t have to listen to gulping sounds!
  • Be yourself. Connecting with your co-workers and friends through a computer screen may seem strange and a hinderance to your relationships, but don’t let that keep you from being yourself. Conduct yourself as your would if you were in person and enjoy the time with others, even if distance keeps you apart.

Regardless of what the future holds, virtual meetings are here to stay. Rather than dread another online call, use these eight tips to make your meeting not only pleasurable, but the ultimate success.

And don’t forget to download our Virtual Meeting Checklist so your online experience is the best it can be!

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  • Sabrina Quairoli
    Posted February 8, 2021 11:06 am 0Likes

    Great tips! I will definitely be using these tips in the future. =)

    • Liana George
      Posted March 1, 2021 3:16 pm 0Likes

      Thanks, Sabrina! Glad you found them helpful 🙂

  • Linda Samuels
    Posted February 8, 2021 12:19 pm 0Likes

    It’s amazing how much life has changed in this past year. Even though we had virtual meetings before 2020, last year turned into having almost ALL meetings remotely. These are great tips for showing up ready and preparing your group to be ready too.

    • Liana George
      Posted March 1, 2021 3:16 pm 0Likes

      Thanks, Linda! Yes, we didn’t realize we needed the help until we were inundated with virtual meetings! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  • Seana Turner
    Posted February 8, 2021 12:40 pm 0Likes

    One of the gifts I received for Christmas as a Lume Cube. It helps me have the right kind of lighting, and is much better than being lit from overhead. It’s a small thing, but I really love it! It is smart to think the whole meeting through in advance.

    • Liana George
      Posted March 1, 2021 3:15 pm 0Likes

      Thanks for sharing your light product! Definitely something we’ll add to our product resource list. We appreciate you taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  • Janet Barclay
    Posted February 9, 2021 10:44 am 0Likes

    Great tips – especially the ones about preparing the space. Since it looks like we’ll be zooming for at least a few more months, it’s not too late for me to get this right.

    • Liana George
      Posted March 1, 2021 3:17 pm 0Likes

      It’s probably not as bad as you think, but glad we could help you out for your next virtual meeting!

  • Julie Bestry
    Posted February 10, 2021 2:10 am 0Likes

    These are excellent reminders, and I wish everyone overseeing a meeting would do this. (And also follow the rubric: “Could this meeting be an email?” Webinar platforms are making it easier to automatically create a calendar link so that when your reminder pops up, you’ll have the Zoom (or whatever) link right in front of you. However, it’s still easy for people to forget to click on that “add to calendar” link. An alternative is sending a meeting request (like through Outlook), but these just crowd people’s emails. I guess a trick is not merely to notify people in advance, but give them some amusing/compelling reason to remember to schedule what they’ve promised to attend.

    • Liana George
      Posted March 1, 2021 3:18 pm 0Likes

      Julie, great points! Thanks for sharing and we’ll definitely look to incorporate the scheduling idea in the future!

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