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7 Tips to Organize Your Lingerie


It may not seem sexy to you, but being organized is sexy to professional organizers like us. Speaking of sexy, when you have all of your lingerie gear accessible and stored neatly. It can really help you get in the mood. No one wants unintentional wrinkles or rips on items meant to make you feel your best. No matter how big your collection, you can use these tips to keep your lingerie tidy and handy for whenever you feel like wearing them, be it any night for yourself or for special occasions. Taking good care of your lingerie will keep them beautiful for years to come, and you’ll end up with a collection that’s the envy of every girl!

First, gather all of your lingerie and get rid of any items that have seen better days. For example, consider removing items that have holes, stretched elastic, are stained, discolored or does not fit properly. It is also a good time to purge any items you have had for a long time but never wear or pieces that really aren’t that flattering on you anyway. If they are new with the tags attached, pass them on to a friend who will enjoy them or donate them. Once you’ve purged, you are ready to organize your remaining collection.

Now that you have the lingerie you want to keep, you can sort them based on your preference. For example, you can sort by length, season, color or frequency of use. You can also combine the categories. For example, sort by length, then by season and color code them. Your categories will depend on the quantity of your collection (I’d imagine most people own significantly less than a performer for example), your storage containers and the types of lingerie you own.

If you have space in your closet, the best way to store your lingerie is to hang it. Using the correct hanger is super important and a good way to avoid frustration. Most lingerie is made of slippery material so to keep them from falling off the hangers, use nonslip hangers. For extra protection, you may also want to consider using hangers with strap slots. For bustiers and strapless lingerie, use skirt hangers to hang them up in your closet.

If you don’t have enough space in your closet, you can fold your lingerie inside a basket and place on a shelf or inside a drawer. Make sure to use a fabric lined basket so it won’t snag your items. When folding, place your items in the basket like you would put paper in a filing cabinet. This way you can see all of them at once and you won’t mess up the whole folded pile every time you want to grab one. To know more about this technique, check out this post or watch this video. You can also use a shallow drawer to store folded lingerie. Use drawer dividers to keep everything in place within the drawer. Just like the baskets, make sure the inside of the drawer and the drawer dividers are smooth to avoid snagging. If folding lingerie just seems too daunting, you can also roll them up instead.

If your collection is not so big and you have wall space in your closet, you can use hooks to hang your strappy lingerie. This, however, is not the best way to store lingerie. We typically don’t recommend this solution since it is hard to access items when they are layered on top of each other plus it can look pretty messy. There are some times when you have no other space and you have to make do with what is available.

Planning a getaway or going on your honeymoon? Use a small fabric travel bag to pack your lingerie in your suitcase. When you do this, you keep everything together, you avoid accidentally zipping and ripping your lace plus you can take the whole thing in the bathroom to keep the mystery alive. Here is an example of a lingerie bag that we found on etsy, but you can use any soft bag for this purpose.


In the summertime we grow herbs and one of our favorite plants to grow is lavender. By the end of the season, we always end up with a lot of leftover lavender. If you do the same, you can dry this herb and use it to make scented sachets to put in your drawers and closets. They have a very natural scent and it is well-known to be relaxing. If you don’t have the time or desire to make your own, you can purchase a variety of scented sachets online.


As we said, being organized is very sexy to us! We believe that you can benefit from every part of your life being organized. For more sexy time organizing tips, check out our article, How to Organize Your Sex Toys. You will be happy you did!

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