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5 Fridge & Freezer Products You’ll Want


In a kitchen it’s not unusual to organize the pantry, the dishes and the utensils. But how about your fridge & freezer?

Yes, that large appliance that does the vast majority of the heavy lifting in your kitchen needs a touch of order too! But it’s not uncommon to find most fridge & freezers in a state of disarray.

If your refrigerator is in need of some TLC, we have some products that are sure to create more order and make it easier for you to find what you need in your fridge & freezer.

5 Fridge & Freezer Products

Although most people don’t think about using organizing items in their refrigerator like they would in their pantries and cabinets, there are several products that work really well in the space. We’ve rounded up 5 of our fridge & freezer favorites so you can utilize them too!

Bins & Containers
  1. Stackable, pull out organizing bins. While refrigerators may be big, there isn’t always a lot of space in there for the large amount of food you may have. That’s why it’s important to get creative with your food storage! To help maximize space, we love these stackable organizing bins with pull-out drawers. Not only are they durable, the clear design makes it easy for you to see your food. Their ability to stack allows you to take advantage of your fridge’s vertical space (which we love!).
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2. Storage bins for cans/soda.  Pop and sparkling waters require a lot of shelf space.  To corral your beverage cans, use these bins to make more room in your refrigerator. These nifty containers let you lay the cans on their side, without rolling away thanks to their rounded bottoms and non-slip ridges. And if canned drinks aren’t your thing, these handy bins make it easy to store and organize cans of food as well.

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3. Vegetable/Fruit storage containers.  We love these containers specifically designed for your delicate veggies and fruits! With built-in colanders, these storage bins keep your produce fresh longer, without the risk of spoilage. And the seal-tight locking lids not only ensure that your healthy treats stay juicy, but they keep your fridge and freezer nice and tidy too!

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Additional Accessories

4. Shelf liners. Cleaning up messy liquids or juices in your fridge & freezer can be a nightmare. But not if you have shelf liners! These durable mats are designed to keep your fridge in pristine condition and protect it against spills, drips and food getting stuck on your shelves. Made of quality and safe material, these liners are easy to remove and wipe down. A must-have accessory for your fridge!

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5. Labels. No organizing job is complete without labels. Yes, even in your fridge & freezer! With labels, you make it easy for everyone in your house to locate what they want and know where to return items. Whether you choose sturdy adhesive labels, durable freezer tags, decorative labels, or ones you clip on to the bin itself, there are tons of options to choose from to make a quick job of identifying your cold items.

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If you’re tired of having a cluttered and disorganized fridge & freezer, consider adding a few of these popular products to your space. They can go a long way to making your refrigerator one of the most organized appliances in your kitchen!

Which of these products could make a difference in your fridge & freezer? Do you have any we should add to our list?


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