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4 Considerations When Organizing Bar Supplies


Many people think that bringing order to the spaces in your house is limited to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and closets. While those are the areas we are generally called to help with, it doesn’t mean other parts of your home don’t need to be organized. They do! And that includes the space where you store your bar supplies.

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4 Considerations When Organizing Your Bar Supplies

Since a bar area is anything but boring, creating order in that space shouldn’t be either. When organizing your bar area, there are four considerations you’ll want to keep in mind: beauty, function, storage and safety. Let’s look at each one of these in detail:

  • Beauty. Why not showcase the beauty of your bar supplies? With all the shades of color represented by the different types of alcohol and the unique bottles they come in, letting your alcohol have center stage is one way to make your bar area beautiful. And don’t forget to spotlight your wide variety of glassware and decanters that you have on hand, too. By creating beauty in your bar space, you’ll be more likely to use it and captivate your guests, as well!
  • Function. Having a bar area that functions in an orderly fashion should be a high priority for any liquor lover. You’ll want to store your alcohol by type or use to make it easier to access what you need. You should also keep all your bar supplies – openers, stoppers, etc – in a space that’s within reach of your bar or stored within it. And when it comes to placement, remember to store your liquor from the tallest in the back to the shortest in front so you don’t waste valuable time searching for your favorite drink!
  • Liquor Storage. It’s important to know the best way to store your liquor to maintain its taste and life expectancy. Most liquors can be stored at room temperature while beers tend to do better in refrigerated environments. White wines and champagne are best refrigerated horizontally in a wine fridge. It’s also a good idea to keep wine in dark, stable (no vibration from washer/dryer) and properly humidified spaces. Knowing the best way to store your alcohol can make all the difference between a good drink and a bad one.
  • Safety. Of course, safety is extremely important when it comes to any bar space in your home, kitchen or man cave. Always keep alcoholic beverages out of children’s reach by placing them on high shelves or in locked cabinets. If you do use shelving to store your favorite beverages, make sure that you have sturdy and secure shelves to ensure that fragile items or the weight of many bottles won’t come crashing to the floor. And most importantly, please drink responsibly, even at home!

Whether you want to have beer on hand for your favorite game or you like to offer after-dinner drinks to your guests, having an organized bar will make your drinking goals easier to achieve. If you need any additional help bringing order to your bar space, call Mission 2 Organize and see how we can take your liquor supply to a whole new level of organization!

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