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10 Ideal Supplies to Include in Your Junk Drawer


A few years ago, eBay was offering a starter supply kit to help you get a head start on your junk drawer:

The truth is, most of us don’t need a starter kit when it comes to our junk drawers. We all have that one space in our kitchen, living room or office that naturally collects those small items that we need but just aren’t sure where to place. So we round them up and give them a home in a universal drawer. 

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Yet the term “junk drawer” doesn’t sound very organized and what’s in the drawer isn’t really junk. Or is it? If you aren’t sure what items you need to be storing in yours (other than what’s being sold on eBay), here are 10 ideal supplies that every junk drawer should contain:

1. Flashlight. Since you never know when the electricity might go out or you’ll need to find Fido outside at night, a flashlight is a handy tool to keep in your junk drawer for emergencies.

2. Tape measure. When you need to take a quick measurement but don’t want to rustle around in your toolbox out in the garage, having a small tape measure close by can not only save you time but can ensure that your measurements are exact.

3. Pens/pencils/Sharpies. Do either of these sound familiar: Honey, have you seen my pen? Mom, I need a pencil to do my math homework. Whether it’s a pen, pencil, crayon or marker, stashing a few writing utensils in your junk drawer can minimize the headache of searching for one when you need it most.

4. Pad of paper/sticky notes. We may live in a digital world, but when a device isn’t available, a pad of paper or sticky notes can help you remember what you need to do tomorrow or what items you should pick up at the store.

5. Scissors. Opening packages, removing clothes tags or completing an art project can be made easier with the help of scissors. Keep them sharp and within reach (but safely out of reach of children) in your junk drawer.

6. Glue/tape. Don’t dig around your Christmas supplies or craft box looking for some type of adhesive to wrap presents or repair a broken dish. Store a bottle of glue (Elmer’s, super glue) and roll of tape (regular, duct, packing) to make the task a breeze.

7. Rubber bands. Rubber bands are a wonderful solution for keeping things together. Having a variety of sizes gives you plenty of options, too!

8. Batteries. The remote control needs batteries. Again. Don’t waste precious time missing part of your favorite show. Set aside a hefty supply of each battery size so you’re always prepared whenever the need may arise.

9. Keys. Car keys, mailbox keys or gate keys. All are small and easy to misplace in a house. Using a junk drawer as your central hub for keys can keep you from losing yours (and your mind!).

10. Small tools. In a pinch, having a set of pliers or a screwdriver close by can be a life-saver.  Whether you need to remove a cover from a battery pack or remove an unwanted item from the disposal, you’ll be glad you had these on hand.

While these aren’t the only items you may store in your junk drawer, having fewer items in there means more organization and who doesn’t want that?

To see our full list of junk drawer essentials, download our free checklist below!

What’s in your junk drawer? Where is it located? Leave a comment and tell us – we know you have one!

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