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What is a “Memory” Anyway?




Us: “Do you have a memory box?” You: “What the heck is a memory box?”

A memory box is one place where you can store all of your keepsakes. Keepsake = Memory! A memory, in this instance, is an item you are keeping for the purpose of remembering something from your past.

How do you determine what should be categorized as a memory? If there is something you want to keep, but you don’t intend to use it, it’s a memory.

Here are 10 examples of “memories”.

  1. Photographs of your grandpa
  2. Your letterman jacket
  3. A coaster from Costa Rica
  4. Your first shoes
  5. A scarf that Grandma knit
  6. Concert stub from your fave band
  7. Monogrammed napkin from your best friend’s wedding
  8. A note from your third grade crush
  9. Girl/Boy Scout patches you earned
  10. Valentine’s Day card from the love of your life

Don’t be ashamed to keep the things that mean most to you. Just make sure to limit yourself to one or two plastic totes maximum.

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