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Phoning around, Mission 2 Organize is very competitively priced. Amazing results in just hours and their fun, lively personalities made the time fly. Months later, I am still organized as a result of their tips. If you are looking for organizers, you will not find better ones!

Jayne M. Oak Park, IL

“INCREDIBLE!  Mission 2 Organize is life changing!  The professional team of 2 worked wonders in 3 short hours!  They helped to remove clutter, find a place for things, organize my belongings by category and offered very helpful solutions to set up my home (and home office) up for success without pushing me to part with things that are special to me.  In fact, they created a storage bin of memory items that I can have all in one place!  Our small home now feels like a huge place that we can enjoy even more than before.  A world of difference in just a few hours, easy/ fast scheduling and the best part is that they not only take everything with them when they leave so it doesn’t sit around your house waiting for you to take it to a donation place.  The VERY best part is that the donate your items to an incredible cause that gives people in need a fresh start making it a doubly good feeling.  I’d have a tough time deciding which part feels better, having our home organized or the good deed element.  It’s a tie!  For instant results, give them a call and schedule an appointment today!”
April W. Chicago, IL

“I can’t imagine anything better, it was perfect. Their ability to work around my schedule and come on a Sunday. The speed at which they were able to accomplish the task. Will use again in the near future.You guys are just Awesome!! Always amazed by your work.”

Baky s. Chicago, IL

I have worked with Mission 2 Organize on two separate occasions.  The first time they came into my office and spent hours transforming it from a disorganized mess into something I was proud to call my office!  The next time was helping to organize up a PR event at the office where they worked to organize all of the small details to pull off a spectacular event.  Thank you Schae and Bahar for all of your incredible work!

Terris A. Chicago, IL

“To all you Yacht owners and captains out there, you definitely need to contact these girls in order to create great organization. Not only are they great organizers, they have wonderful ideas for soft good change outs…. They take today’s cutting edge designs, colors and ideas and transform it for your current situation. They work so hard. Hard work and lots of knowledge will turn into a great finished product. For your own outcome definitely give these two wonderful girls a call.”

Capitan Marc G cape Coral, FL

 “Those ladies are truly know how to organize!
In only a few days my all house was back in order, but best of it that they gave me tips and tricks how to keep it that way. Highly recommended!
Thank you much and see ya soon….”

Gitana J. Chicago, IL

Thanks for giving me a better insight on how I could enhance the layout of my apartment.  After you re-arranged things, the place looked even better. You’re excellent organizers!!!~ Ava W. Chicago, IL

Thanks so much Schae and Bahar!  This is so helpful!  I’m sure I’ll need you guys at some point in the future and will definitely sing your praises to other people as well.”   ~Matt B. Chicago, IL

Mission 2 Organize got a lot accomplished in a short period of time and just seemed to know instinctively where things should go. I highly recommend them!    ~Ward N. Chicago, IL

Mission 2 Organize offer a competitive rate and we got done quickly because I was working with two professional organizers who knew what they were doing, not one. I can’t wait to work with them again. What are you waiting for? Use Mission 2 Organize!    ~ Robert A. Chicago, IL

Honestly, the whole experience was life-changing. I am a world-class procrastinator, so only the closest friends were allowed to come over.  I couldn’t take it anymore and had Mission 2 Organize come out. There was nothing that would get in their way.  Even a master procrastinator like me couldn’t distract her.  I was even given a shopping list and to-do list to help keep it that way.  And it’s worked!  ~Kathleen O. Chicago, IL

After 25 years in business, we had just A BIT of junk accumulated.  Mission 2 Organize did a fantastic job helping us sort through the mess and get it in order.  They were fantastic at helping us identify what needed to be kept and what needed to be thrown away and then find homes for all the things we held on to.  The work never would have gotten done if it hadn’t been for Mission 2 Organize. They were extremely efficient and a joy to work with.  ~Rachel R. Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for you help. You came right on time and worked steadily and effeciently.  You were very professional and the team approach is amazing and the fact that you were able to work independently without much input from me put me at great ease. I cannot wait to schedule another session. AWESOME JOB as I cannot even believe how good my office looks in just five hours.  ~Betsy S.

“Thank you for your work on Thursday. I love where you put my vitamins (the ones I take every day) and how you “ordered” the back supply.  I love where you put my pots and pans.  I love that you cleared off my counters. Thank you much.” Sheree McCullough. Chicago, IL

“This is the best money I have ever spent! I thought Mission 2 Organize had mission impossible on their hands. After moving from a 3 bedroom to sharing a two bedroom, stuff was taking over the space.The two organizing goddesses got to work! They sorted through things and even organized my photo equipment.Anyway, do not get your hair done at a fancy salon, skip that appt. with your psychotherapist. Instead spend some $ on something that gives you a sense of peace. Get organized with Mission 2 Organize!” ~ Heather S. Chicago, IL

Many, many thanks for your help in getting our house in order.  I enjoyed working with you and we are so happy with the results. ~Julie Ann S. Chicago, IL

“In the past year, I’ve hired Mission 2 Organize three times!  I’m addicted.  It is such a wonderful feeling to have your life put in order.  Could you do it without them?  Maybe, but you AREN’T doing it.  That was the problem.  Anyone *could* probably do it, but you aren’t.  Without them, you’ll keep procrastinating.  It won’t be easy.  It will take ten times longer.  It is too daunting.  You don’t know where to start.  You’ll get distracted.  And even if it does finally get done, it still won’t be as good in the end.  If you are thinking about hiring help — hire Mission 2 Organize.  Having the help of TWO people at once feels so much more efficient.  I can’t commend their lack of judgement enough:  true professionals that will make you feel so comfortable and leave you feeling like you are on cloud nine to finally have your act together.

My first session was about a year ago:  I wanted to clean out my basement storage unit.  It had boxes stacked to the ceiling and then some.  Some of those boxes hadn’t been opened in 10 years from 2 houses ago.  Not only was it disorganized, but I truly had no idea what was down there.  By the time they left, everything was sorted and labelled.  They took LOTS of donations with them and I was able to throw away TONS of garbage that I didn’t even know I had.  Before they arrived, I found this area completely overwhelming, but they jumped right in to help.  I knew this would be a really unpleasant task, all day in a damp dim dungeon — at one point, we even found a huge pile of mice droppings due to them feasting on an old bag of grass seed I was storing down there.  Disgusting! — but these two professionals took it all in stride.  They didn’t freak out like I did.  One year later, my sister called and asked if she could borrow something that I had not used in about 5 years.  I knew EXACTLY where to find it and it was the biggest relief.  I owe it all to Schae and Bahar.

The second visit, about 11 months later, I was dealing with a new job, plus grad school, plus a recent marriage separation, and I was just overwhelmed.  Somehow, I had allowed my guest room to basically become an episode of hoarders.  It was beyond out of control.  There were stacks and stacks of clothes covering every square inch of the bed and floor.  Mission 2 Organize agreed to help on incredibly short notice.  Bahar and Schae were totally hands-on and made me feel so much more comfortable about something that I was personally so ashamed of.  (According to them, they’ve always seen worse.)  Having them there to help was this enormous life saver.  They keep close track of time and make sure the steady progress keeps up all day.  Not only did they sort through the parts that I asked for, but they essentially reorganized SIX additional clothing and linen closets while they were in there!  It provided this enormous relief to know that I could finally invite friends and family over to my home again.

About a month after that, I had them back for help with my office.  In addition to the office, while they were there, they also tackled my front hall closet and laundry closet.  They are so kind to my large dog who always wants to be right under foot and in the middle of the action.  Once these two professionals have been through all of your personal belongings, they truly feel like friends … impressively organized friends.  While the cost does seem high at first, it is obviously worth it or I wouldn’t keep coming back for more.  I’m addicted.  I’ve used them three times and I continue to watch their monthly coupons and deals because there is almost always more to do.  For example, even though there is nothing “wrong” with my kitchen, I just know I will LOVE it so much more after Mission 2 Organize works their true magic.

Life is less stressful when I feel more organized at home.  They are just what the doctor ordered.  At this rate, I can’t imagine anything better than having Mission 2 Organize work through every room, every closet, every cabinet, and every drawer in my entire home.   THANK YOU M2O!!! “

Ann F. Chicago, IL

“Schae and Bahar were amazing, meticulous, and FAST. They cleared a pile of boxes in three hours that would have taken me weeks to process. They are going to be a regular part of my life from now on.” Sarah B. Chicago, IL

I’m so happy after my first appointment with M2O.  We accomplished so much more than I ever thought was possible!  There is a two hour minimum for both organizers to “O Your Home”,  While I feel this rate is extremely reasonable given the level of service and expertise, I cannot stress this enough- it was worth every penny and more.  I’m sleeping better and dressing better with my organized room and closet.  I can’t wait for my next appointment!  THANK YOU M2O!!! Katie B. Chicago, IL

I am a very organized person….in my head.   But, in reality, there is no evidence of  this in my home.  My adult daughter also suffers from “lack of orgaization-itis” But she admits it freely and has no delusions about it. This being the case, I decided to call  M2O.  They arrived promptly.  I was worried that they might start crying and leave when they saw the work they had to do.  But, they didn’t.  What these women did in two hours was simply AMAZING!  They were systematic and efficient.  They consulted me on any questions they had about what to keep, what to to donate or what to toss. By the time they finished, I felt like I had been on vacation while fairies organized my kitchen!  Seriously,  this is the best thing you could ever do for yourself if you are of those born without the organization gene.  You will feel  pleased.  You will feel proud. You will feel elated that you are finally organized!  My daughter felt everything I just mentioned when she saw our kitchen. In addition to that she was shocked even  stunned! 🙂 I plan to have them back as frequently as I can!  They take whatever you can no longer use and donate it  a homeless shelter.  I felt wonderful about that. What an easy way to help those who need a helping hand.  In the words of the magnificent Tina Turner, M2 O is “simply the best”!   Geneva N. Chicago, IL

My Favorite part of my M2O experience was seeing the transformation of my office without a lot of help from me. They came in and did an amazing job. True professionals. Personable, timely, just fabulous. Now I look at my office peacefully. I cannot wait to schedule for another session. ~Betsy S. Chicago, IL

“Schae Lewis and Bahar Partow are worth their weight in gold. These women turned my anxiety producing, cluttered work space into a veritable Zen garden of order and tranquility.  Schae and Bahar are warm and nonjudgmental—hire them.” Matt B. Chicago, IL