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Professional Organizing: A Growing Field

As the world becomes increasingly cluttered and chaotic, the need for professional organizing services has grown exponentially. In fact, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) reports that the number of professional organizers has more than doubled in the past decade (NAPO, 2021). This surge in demand has led to the emergence of professional organizing as a legitimate and respected field of study.

The Benefits of Professional Organizing

Research has shown that a cluttered and disorganized environment can have a negative impact on mental health and well-being (Ferrari, 2016). Conversely, a well-organized space can lead to increased productivity, reduced stress, and an overall sense of calm. Professional organizers are trained to help individuals and businesses achieve these benefits by implementing effective organizing systems and strategies.

The Process of Professional Organizing

The process of professional organizing typically begins with an assessment of the client’s needs and goals. From there, the organizer works with the client to develop a customized plan of action. This may involve decluttering, creating storage solutions, and implementing organizational systems that are easy to maintain (Kondo, 2014).

Home Organization: A Key Focus

One of the most common areas that professional organizers focus on is home organization. This can include everything from decluttering closets and pantries to organizing home offices and garages. Home organization is particularly important, as it can have a direct impact on daily life and routines (Morgenstern, 2004).

Organizing Tips for Everyday Life

In addition to professional organizing services, there are also many organizing tips that individuals can implement on their own. These can range from simple strategies, like setting aside time each day to tidy up, to more involved projects, like creating a home inventory system (Oprah.com, 2021).


In conclusion, professional organizing is a field that is growing in both popularity and importance. By providing individuals and businesses with the tools and strategies needed to create organized and efficient spaces, professional organizers are helping to improve the overall quality of life for their clients. As the world continues to become more cluttered, the need for professional organizing services will only continue to grow.

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