Mission 2 Organize

To Do List & Sundays!!!!


Sunday is here and like most of you, I finally found a day that for most of it I can rest and do nothing, but also I am aware that I have some work and cleaning projects on my to-do list. Also I would love to go out and meet up with some friends tonight as well.

As I am sitting on my sofa and asking myself: get it done or just relax? I realized the answer is a change of attitude toward all the tasks I have to finish. What works for me is letting go of dreaded feelings and replace it with the good feeling of accomplishment.

For example I really don’t like to vacuum and everyone who knows me knows that about me. Even if I’ve just purchased a new vacuum from somewhere like https://www.bissell.com/steam-and-hard-floor-cleaners/wet-dry-vacuums, I still find it so hard to find the motivation for vacuuming. If I keep sitting here and think about the dreaded feelings I have about vacuuming the house, I will never find the courage to attack the task. Yes I said courage, cause vacuuming for me is like going to a battle. I start to think about that fresh smell of house after vacuuming, the bright rugs and shiny floors, and all of a sudden the vacuuming doesn’t seem like such a mountain to climb. The results are particularly good when you use a heavy duty ash vacuum cleaner, just visit https://allgreatvacuums.com/powersmith-pavc101-10-amp-ash-vacuum-cleaner/ to see what I mean. Maybe having one of those would make the task so rewarding that I would never put it off again. Having a to-do list and scratching off tasks that are done, brings the same joy to some. Find the one that works for you.

Sometimes I play dance music and dance as I clean or I dance before I start cleaning. Dancing puts a smile on my face and pumps the blood in my vains, instantly it makes me feel so energized. It’s so refreshing when I change my attitude toward moments, even small changes can give me a boost and a feeling of being alive. So make it fun, and get it done.

If you are in the same boat as me this Sunday, if you are looking for motivation to get it done, here is a cheers to change of attitude and good luck with your projects.

Please leave me comments and let me know what works for you, I would love to learn some new ways to get it done!!!!


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