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How To Organize Your Wallet



Is your wallet too bulky or have you found that you cannot find the things you need without emptying your wallet? Do you have a difficult time finding cash or the loyalty card you need at the checkout? Maybe you need a new wallet altogether. In that case, you might want to have a look at something like a photo wallet if you’re looking for something practical and personal. If you’re determined to stick with your current item, in this article we will show you some easy steps to help you have a neat and organized wallet at all times.

1- Empty out the contents of your entire wallet onto a table.

2- Make piles for each type of item. Make one pile for each of: money, coins, receipts, loyalty and gift cards.

3- Get rid of all the trash such as candy wrappers or unwanted receipts. For the receipts you do wish to save, transfer them to a folder or filing system where you can find them later as you need them.

4- Organize your bills numerically. Start with ones, then fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds. Put them in your bill holder neat and uncrumpled.

5- Look at all your credit cards. Figure out which ones are used the most. If you decide some do not need to be carried with you all times, keep them at home in a filing system. Put the ones you use into the card slots of your wallet. If you still feel you want to carry the rest with you, use a sealed slot for your less frequently accessed cards.

6- Put all the membership and reward cards in front of you and decide which ones are rarely used. Most of us carry more cards than we need. Even if you forget your reward card, most stores can look it up using your phone number. Here is a useful website to consolidate your loyalty cards. This company can put 6 store’s bar codes on one card! https://www.keyringthing.com/

7- Gather your coins. Keep few of each: quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Put it in the pocket designed for coins. Always try to keep the coins in a closed section of your wallet. Loose change is a common problem when you are searching in your wallet. If you don’t carry any change at all, even better. Save it up in a jar and treat yourself to something nice at the end of the year. It adds up!

8- If you receive business cards in regular basis, try to put the information you need into your electronic or paper address book right away or every week at the least. If you wish to keep the actual card, file them away at home. The business cards you receive daily can be stored together in an empty slot or section in your wallet before being transferred out.

9- The best way to carry your own business cards is to get a business card holder. If you want to put your business cards in your wallet use a pouch. This way you always know where to reach for your own business card and it will not bend or damage. You may actually want to consider ditching your business cards in favour of video business cards, which many believe can increase sales in a way the traditional form can’t.

10- Only keep your photo identification in the window section of your wallet. You might want to keep your business cards in this spot as well, but be sure to store them behind your ID.

11- Try to clean out your wallet once a week to get rid of all the unwanted items, receipts, and coins. Now that you have an organized wallet, you can also use this video to keep your purse organized as well.


1- Choose a wallet that is a suitable size for your needs. If you carry a lot of loyalty cards, business cards, or pictures in your wallet then you may want to purchase a bigger wallet.

2- Get a wallet that has plenty of zippered slots or closed pockets. This will allow you to contain things more easily and keep your coins from falling out of your wallet or purse.

3- If you have a receipt for an item that you want to return, keep that receipt with you in the money holder section of your wallet.

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