Mission 2 Organize

Your Office, Your Style


A home office helps you stay organized, productive, and efficient. An office can also be comforting and cozy. When creating your home office, design an inviting space that will enhance productivity. Create a system that will limit time spent on duties such as filing, faxing, or figuring out monthly bills. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pick a Theme

Colors speak louder than words. The color of your furniture, décor, and walls set a tone. Your office belongs to you; personalize it to your liking. Color themes can be monochromatic, analogous, or complementary:

  • Cool colors like blues and purples are calming and tranquil
  • Warm colors such as reds and oranges are invigorating and lively
  • Earth tones like brown, beige, or grey bring in a touch of nature
  • White results in a clean finish and reflects light


Apply the chosen color theme to your furniture and décor selections. Decorate your office with simple, yet meaningful finishing touches such as candles, music players, plants, and prints or graphics. Choose storage items with patterns or decorative fabrics. A comfy reading chair such as the Aeron Side Chair and a small coffee table is a delightful bonus. You might also want to get a writey whiteboard to write down all your important tasks for the day.


  • Create a (work) station for each activity or items in your office. Set up each station according to your work style or preferences.
  • Sort and/or separate electronics, books, papers/documents, binders/folders, and office supplies
  • Group like items together and decide where to store each item(s)
  • Arrange items in desired styles of storage or display: place books on bookshelves, office supplies in desk drawer compartments, and electronic items on one table or desk

An inviting office space prepares the way for efficient work endeavors. A personalized, structured office reduces work time and allows more time for loved ones or favorite activities.

By: Lindsey J. Kunz

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