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Accidental glittered egg



Nowruz marks the first day of spring, bringing messages of hope, renewal and growth. This tradition has been practiced for over 2,500 years. It is celebrated and observed by Iranian peoples and related cultural continents and has spread into many other parts of the world.  Nowruz has many fun rituals, celebrations and preparations such as deep spring cleaning. A part of the celebration is setting up a table called “Haft Sin” . This table includes flowers, fruits, mirrors, candles among other things like colored eggs symbolizing fertility, prosperity, humanity and re-birth.
I celebrate Nowruz which is the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day and Iranian families gather together to observe the rituals. I was running around trying to meet the deadline and get my table ready for the big occasion. I wanted to color the egg for the table so I used one of the Easter coloring kits. As I rushed to mix the colors and accidentally ended up with a black egg. The clock was ticking and all I could think of was to cover the egg in glitter. I loved the results! So I decided to share this story since Easter is around the corner. You can use these glittered eggs as decoration or as place cards at the table.  Click here to read more about what Easter eggs symbolize.
Since my egg came about by accident, below I am sharing with you the right way to do it according to Martha Stewart.

Tools and Materials

      • Eggs (For a variety of sizes, try chicken, quail, and goose eggs).
      • Powdered glitter in assorted colors, including gold for sparkle.
      • Egg blower (available at crafts stores) or rubber ear syringe (available at drugstores)
      • Craft glue
      • Paintbrush
      • Pin
      • Wax paper
      • Bowls and spoons (for glitter)

Glittered Egg How-To

1. First, blow out eggs. Working over a bowl, pierce one end of a raw egg with a pin. Pierce other end, and use pin to enlarge hole slightly and break yolk. With your mouth or an egg blower, blow into smaller hole, forcing contents of egg through larger hole into bowl. Rinse inside of egg thoroughly; let dry.

2. Brush craft glue onto egg. Gently set in bowl of glitter. Spoon glitter over egg, covering entire surface. Remove from bowl; set on wax paper to dry for 1 hour. Learn How to Make a Drying Rack for Eggs

3. For an elegant statement, you can display glittered eggs in a glass hurricane. We set ours in front of a romantic “antique” mirror.

Coating Easter eggs with glitter provides a sparkling alternative to coloring them with dyes. Powdered glitter comes in an array of colors, which can be mixed to create different shades. For added shimmer, combine colored glitter with either gold or silver glitter.



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