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A Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Your Kitchen


Ready to pack your kitchen, but not quite sure where to start? While the kitchen packing process can be a bit overwhelming, this step-by-step guide can help you know what to pack, how to pack and when to pack so that no kitchen utensil, plate or pot is left behind!

First Things First

Before you ever start wrapping up your favorite dishes, you’ll need to get the right amount and the correct kind of boxes, tape and packing paper. As kitchens can vary from person to person, most moving experts advise using the following chart to guide you as you gather the essentials:

Know What to Pack

It may be tempting to just start throwing things into boxes to move the process along, but if you want to get your items from one place to another safely, you’ll want to know what to pack in each type of box.

In the video below, Mission 2 Organize Co-founder and Certified Professional Organizer®, Schae Lewis, shows you exactly how to pack your kitchen for a move.

Plan Out Your Timeline

Whether you have a few months, a few weeks or a few days, it’s important to plan out your kitchen packing schedule.

Why? Because there will be items (such as occasional or holiday pieces) that you can pack right away while other items (like every day dishes and utensils) can wait to be packed until closer to your move date. Having a schedule and knowing exactly when you should be packing things can alleviate stress and chaos.

Depending on your moving timeline, a general rule of thumb is to start packing 3 weeks before your move date, then plan for what you can pack 2 weeks out, 10 days out, 3-5 days before the move, 1-2 days before the move and finally the day of your move.

{Grab our FREE Kitchen Packing Checklist to download and use for your upcoming move! Simply click here!}

Do the Work

Now that you’ve gathered the essentials, know what items to pack in the appropriate box and have a plan for packing up the kitchen, all that’s left is to do the work!

If you’re short on time or need a few extra hands, Mission 2 Organize specializes in moving and packing services. Visit our website and learn how we can make your move easy and stress-free!

Whether you have a tiny kitchen or a chef’s dream space, packing all your cooking and dining essentials can be time-consuming and difficult. Using this step-by-step guide can make it simple to get the job done and insure your items arrive at your new place safe and sound!

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