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5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Stay Organized


Toy Closet

  1. Label Everything
    When you label where everything goes, everyone knows where to find things and where to put things away, including your kids. Depending on how old they are, you can either use labels displaying words or pictures. Label your children’s toys and anything else that they use and are responsible for keeping tidy.
  2. Make Things Accessible
    Be sure that your kids can safely reach the items they use often. This will mean that they can take charge of themselves and learn to be self-reliant. Any heavy items should be placed on the lowest shelves and potential dangerous items should be hidden or stored up high.
  3. Make It Fun
    Your kids learn from you. If you enjoy keeping things tidy, they will too. Organizing can be fun! Turn on some high energy music and dance while you straighten. Make it a game to see who can get a space put back together more quickly. The winner gets a special treat, like an ice cream cone.
  4. Show Them How It Works
    Lead by example and you will be setting up your kids for success. Another way to set them up to meet your expectations is to communicate with them. Tell your kids exactly what you expect them to keep tidy and show them the best way to do it. Then remind them to keep it up instead of doing it for them.
  5. Show Your Appreciation
    The two little words, “Thank you” have power in them. Everyone wants to be appreciated so don’t be shy to share your attitude of gratitude. Use positive reinforcement to encourage your kids to keep up the organized system that makes sense for your family.

A professional organizer can help set up systems that your whole family can benefit from. At Mission 2Organize, we even create videos to explain our client’s unique organizational system. They can then share these videos with their children, cleaning lady, or guests.

Using these 5 tips, your children will progress into an ideal spouse and roommate!



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